Surfinia Sumo®


Plant Info

Surfinia Sumo® petunias are even bigger and better! While the original Surfinia® Trailing series was more prostrate and spread horizontally, Surfinia Sumo’s® have a vigorous, mounding habit that is very full. This vigorous series is perfect for large containers, hanging baskets and landscape beds. Growers should produce them for sale in pots 6 inches or larger

Surfinia Sumo® Habit

Vigorous, mounding
Height: 18-20 inches
Spread: 35-55 inches

Outstanding Characteristics

Plants produce large, wide mounds of color, bursting with big flowers.


Large containers, hanging baskets and landscape beds.


Use Large containers, hanging baskets and landscape beds.
Growth Characteristics Vigorous, mounding habit
Flowering Characteristics Produces mounds of large flowers, 2.5-3 inches
Plant Shape Wide mound
Cultivation Timetable 6-inch pot (1 liner) 7-8 weeks, 10-inch baskets (3 liners) 10-12 weeks
Support System Not required
Potting Soil (Media) Well drained peat/perlite mix
Climate Day: 65-75°F Night: 55-60°F
Light High to moderate
Watering Maintain moderately moist soil
Feeding Constant feed 200-300 ppm with a complete water-soluble fertilizer. Additional applications of micronutrients are recommended.
Pinching 6-inch pot (2 pinches), 10-inch baskets (2-3 pinches) Less pinching is needed when grown cool.
Diseases Botrytis on foliage, soil pathogens. Use a broad-spectrum fungicide after planting.
Pests Worms, aphids, leafminers, thrips, snails, slugs
Transport No specialties
Plant Growth Regulator Spray 2500-5000 ppm B-9, or drench 1-3 ppm Bonzi. Apply as needed.