Suntory® Lobelia Trailing


Plant Info

Suntory® Lobelia Trailing is selected for its summer performance, they have a wonderful trailing habit and is beautiful in hanging baskets.


Suntory® Lobelia Trailing Habit

Trailing in Habit.
Height: 4-8 inches
Spread: up to 10-20 inches.

Outstanding Characteristics

Blooms continuously from spring to summer.
Wide spread and trailing, with dense big flowers.
Good summer performance.


Suitable for hanging basket, 6-8 inches.



Media Well drained
Soil pH 5.8-6.2
Fertilizer Constant feed 100-200 ppm with a complete water soluble fertilizer.
Light Full sun – half shade.
Water Maintain moderately moist soil.
Growing Climate 55-72°F
Timing/Pinch Back 4 inch pot (1 liner) 4-6 weeks, 1-2 pinch. 6 inch pot (2-3 liners) 5-7 weeks, 1-2 pinch.
Pests Mites, whiteflies & aphids.
PGR Application If needed, spray 3000-4000 ppm of B-9.