Sundenia® Dipladenias


Plant Info

Sundenia® dipladenias offer the large flowers consumers love in mandevillas but on a compact, manageable plant. Sundenia’s® flowers are 3-5 inches in diameter, double the size of a typical dipladenia. Colors include Red, White and Coral – a brilliant rich pink with red undertones. Foliage is glossy green.

Sundenia® Dipladenias Habit

Upright, compact
Vigorous vining
Excellent branching

Outstanding Characteristics

Flowers twice the size.
Superior branching.
Perfect for pots and hanging baskets.


Patio pots, hanging baskets, balconies, window boxes, bedding plant, houseplant.


Media Free-draining soil
Soil pH 5.5 – 6.0
Fertilizer 240 ppm of a well-balanced fertilizer every other watering
Light Full sun
Water Water sparingly in the winter to prevent root rot. Water sufficiently in the summer to encourage growth
Growing Climate 65-75°F
Timing 4- to 5-inch pots (1 liner), 3 months 8- to 12-inch pots (1 liner), up to 8 months
Pinch Back Pinching is necessary to improve branching. Wait until the plants are fairly well-rooted before pinching
Pests Aphids, thrips, whitefly, red spiders & mites
Disease Control Keep plants dry to prevent root rot and leaf spot. In the winter, keep plants dry to prevent Fusarium and Botrytis.
PGR Application B-9 3-4 grams/liter and Cycocel less than 1cc/liter (tank mix). Repeat as necessary (weekly during the growing season).