Sun Trumpets® Tecoma


Plant Info

Sun Trumpets® is well-branched, compact habit Tecoma. Thrives in heat and blooms year round.


Sun Trumpets® Tecoma Habit

Upright shrub 1-3 feet.

Outstanding Characteristics

Heat tolerance
Continuous blooming
Well branching
Self cleaning


Big containers, patio or garden.



Media Well drained
Soil pH 5.8-6.2
Fertilizer Moderate fertilizer is required during the strong growth periods of spring & summer. A slow release fertilizer can be put into the potting soil and this should be a balanced one, supplement with liquid water soluble fertilizer every 7-10 days.
Light Full sun
Water Water often to keep soil slightly moist.
Growing Climate 65-80°F
Timing/Pinch Back 4 inch (1 liner) 12-14 weeks, 5 inch (3 liners) 12-14 weeks, 18 inch (3 liners) 12-14 weeks
Pests Thrips, mites, whiteflies, aphids & scale insect.
PGR Application None