Summer Wave® Trailing Torenia


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Summer Wave® is a Torenia which thrive in summer heat where other Torenias wilt, also very drought tolerant and they will bloom all season, all varieties have very high bloom count with a lush trailing habit and vigorous growth, they also perform in shady beds and require very little maintenance. Usage is in baskets, window boxes, Landscape, and patio containers.

Summer Wave® Torenia Habit

Creeping, spreading habit
Height: 6″ – 10″
Spread: more than 30″

Outstanding Characteristics

Withstands heat and disease
Easy to grow and maintain
Branches spread wide and
Self-cleaning, well-branching
Fertilize monthly, keep moist


Shady borders, hanging baskets,
combinations, landscape, window
boxes & patio containers.


Media Well drained peat/perlite mix recommended
Soil pH 6.0-6.5
Fertilizer Constant feed 200 ppm with a complete water-soluble fertilizer
Light Moderate-low
Water Maintain moderately moist soil
Growing Climate Day: 70-75℉ Night: 60℉
Timing 4″pot(1 liner) 4-6 weeks, 6″pot(1 liner) 6-8 weeks, 10″basket(3 liners) 10-12 weeks
Pinch Back 4″pot(2 pinches), 6″pot(3 pinches), 10″basket(none), Less pinching when grown cool
Pests Mites, aphids
Disease Control Botrytis on finished flowers and foliage
PGR Application Spray; 10 – 15 ppm Sumagic. Apply as needed.