Plant Info

Grandessa® has impressive flower size and vigor achieved through an intergeneric cross protected by a utility patent. Highly advanced breeding has created a superior result. Produce for early spring through late spring sales. As a cooler crop, Grandessa can be grown with osteospermum, diascia, nemesia and Senetti. Growers get a big return with just one cutting per pot.

Grandessa® Habit

Compact, mounding habit. Height 18”-24” and Width 12”-25”.

Outstanding Characteristics

Big, bright flowers, full and vigorous plants, excellent color range, perfect for premium patio pots.


Big window boxes, patio containers and landscapes.



Media Well drained peat/perlite mix recommended
Soil pH 5.8 – 6.8
Fertilizer Constant feed of 200 ppm with a complete, water soluble fertilizer
Light High-moderate
Water Maintain moderately moist soil
Growing Climate Transplant and grow in the greenhouse at 60-65⁰F for 2-3 weeks before moving to a cooler environment.
Timing 6-inch pot (1 liner) – 6-7 weeks, no pinch . (from liner) 8-inch pot (1 liner) – 7-8 weeks, no pinch
Pinch Back 4″pot(1 pinch), 6″pot(2 pinches), 10″basket(2-3 pinches), Less pinching when grown cool
Pests Monitor for thrips, aphids, whiteflies and leaf miners.
Disease Control Apply a broad-spectrum fungicidal drench after planting.
PGR Application Spray 5-20 ppm Sumagic or Drench; 2-3 ppm Bonzi. Apply as needed.