Crackling Fire® Begonia


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Crackling Fire® Begonia is an exciting new series from Suntory® Collection offering fast, showy and strong colors. They are easy-to-grow bedding plants with naturally compact and upright growth.They are premium varieties which thrive in both fully and partly sunny conditions. They offer a wide range of consumer benefits:

  • Innovative, stylish new begonia series for gardeners
  • Available in four distinctive colors
  • Flowers continuously until autumn frosts
  • Self-cleaning and low maintenance
  • Drought resistant
  • Use in patio pots, baskets and window boxes


Use Hanging basket, window box & patio container
Growth Characteristics Creamy Yellow: Compact; Orange: Medium; White: Compact; Pink: Compact; Yellow: Compact; Red: Compact
Flowering Characteristics Multiflorous
Plant Shape Creamy Yellow: Upright; Orange: Semi-upright; White: Upright; Pink: Upright
Cultivation Timetable -
Support System Don’t need
Potting Soil (Media) Well drained peat/perlite mix
Climate 70°F at starting stage. Not prefer high humidity.
Light Keep plants under long day. Prefer light
Watering Not excessively
Feeding EC 1.5mmol. Well balanced fertilizer
Pinching Once 1-2 weeks after potting
Diseases Powdery mildew, botrytis, xanthomonas
Pests Cyclamen mites
Transport No specialties
Plant Growth Regulator Spray 3000ppm B-nine, if needed