Beedance® Bidens


Plant Info

Beedance® is easy-to-grow. The striking bicolors are certain to make an impact. Blooms continuously from spring to fall. Adds a touch of class to any garden planting.


Beedance® Bidens Habit

Mound-spreading habit.
Height: 9-11 inches
Spread: 3-4 feet

Outstanding Characteristics

A fantasy of flowers blooms continuously spring though fall.
Vigorous growth and dense branching.
Easy to grow and maintain.
Impervious to heat.


Perfect for all kinds of containers, including window boxes, hanging baskets and combination planters.



Media Well drained
Soil pH 5.8-6.2
Fertilizer Regular applications of a balanced water soluble feed promotes plant vigor.
Light Full sun
Water Water often to keep soil slightly moist.
Growing Climate 55-76°F
Timing/Pinch Back 4 to 5 inch pot (1liner) 5-7 weeks, 1-2 pinches. 6 inch pot (2liners) 7-10 weeks, 1-2 pinches.
Pests Thrips, mites, whiteflies & aphids.
PGR Application Spray 3000ppm B-nine, if needed.

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