Angel Earrings® Fuchsia


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Plant Info

Angel Earrings® is a brand name given to an outstanding series of Fuchsias which are very heat tolerant and have outstanding garden performance with continuous blooming. Habits vary between varieties from trailing to upright.


Angel Earrings® Fuchsia Habit

Preciosa, Dainty, Double Red, Mauve
& Snowfire – Upright
Cascading – Trailing
White – Mounding

Outstanding Characteristics

Heat tolerant
No pruning necessary
Showy flowers


Patio pots, hanging baskets, window boxes, bedding plants



Media Well drained peat/perlite mix recommended
Soil pH 6.0-6.5
Fertilizer Constant feed 200 ppm with a complete water-soluble fertilizer
Light Moderate-low (Tolerates high in coastal climates)
Water Maintain moderately moist soil
Growing Climate Day: 65-75 ºF, Night: 55-60 ºF
Timing 4″pot(1 liner) 6-8 weeks, 6″pot(1 liner) 7-10 weeks, 10″basket(3 liners) 10-12 weeks
Pinch Back 4″pot(1 pinch), 6″pot(2 pinches), 10″basket(2-3 pinches), Less pinching when grown cool
Pests Mites, whiteflies, aphids, thrips, snails, slugs
Disease Control Botrytis on finished flowers and foliage
PGR Application None required