Surfinia® Trailing Petunia



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Plant Info

Surfinia® is a trade mark for a group of Trailing Petunias all raised from cuttings. Surfinia® bloom Continuously all season long and they tolerate rain ,summer heat and wind. Surfinia® is the number one trailing petunia in Europe.

Surfinia® Trailing Petunia Habit

Vigorous trailing habit

Height: 5″ – 7″

Length: 4′ from top to bottom

Spread: Up to 8′ in diameter

Ideal in hanging baskets

Flowers all around

Outstanding Characteristics

Blooms profusely all season
Extremely fast growing, up to 4′ per season
Hangs attractively
Easy to grow and maintain,
Holds up to rain better than most
Resistant to disease
Full sun or partial shade


Cascading habit makes them perfect for hanging baskets, landscaping, window boxes and pots.

Planting & Care

General care Plants are naturally breaking and may need occasional dead heading
Watering Maintain moderately moist soil
Fertilizers Constant feed with a complete water-soluble fertilizer.
Transplanting Use peat/perlite mixture
How to grow better Encourage pinching in the plants early days, this will result in more side shoots which will give an excellent habit and more flower power.