Surdiva® Scaevola



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Plant Info

Surdiva® is a trade mark given to the plant of Scaevola. Scaevola is now one of the most heat tolerant plants around and offers continuous color even through summer and bad weather. It’s blossoms are unique fan shaped. They bloom well into the fall. Habit is compact and semi trailing. Easy to grow and maintain. They are self cleaning.

Surdiva® Scaevola Habit

Height: 6″ – 10″
Spread: 18″ – 24″

Outstanding Characteristics

Exceptional heat tolerance
Easy to grow and maintain
Blooms from spring into late fall
Unusual bloom form


Borders, hanging baskets, combinations, landscapes, window boxes & patio containers

Planting & Care

General care Pinch early on in growth to provide a good shape.
Watering Maintain moderately moist soil
Fertilizer Constant feed with a complete water-soluble fertilizer
Transplanting Use peat / perlite mix
How to grow better Keep moist and let it have heat.