Million Bells® Trailing Calibrachoa



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Plant Info

Million Bells® is a trade mark for the world renown Calibrachoea from Suntory®, the first breeder to introduce this species to the worlds plant market. Million Bells® is an extremely tolerant of all conditions profuse flowering all the above varieties are trailing in habit.

Million Bells® Trailing
Calibrachoa Habit

Vigorous trailing habit
Height: 2″ – 6″
Length: 24″
Spread: Up to 48″
Outstanding in combinations
Ideal in patio containers and hanging baskets
Great in hanging baskets

Outstanding Characteristics

Very continuous blooming
Easy to grow and maintain,
Low growing habit
Impervious to heat


Trailing and new compact varieties make Million Bells® ideal for all types of hanging baskets, patio pots, combinations, window boxes and landscapes.

Planting & Care

General care Pinch the plant early on to encourage breaks and extra flowers, self cleaning, needs low maintenance
Watering Do not over water when young
Fertilizer Constant feed with a Complete water-soluble fertilizer
Transplanting Ensure the plant has a well developed root system before transplanting